Where do you get the money for the prizes?

Funny answer: Soros.

Serious answer: We bootstrapped ourselves. We are ready to loose it all, but we would like to succeed with this project, because we believe it would be good for the sport.

What do you do with the profit?

Funny answer: We buy an island on the Caribbean.

Serious answer: We haven't thought about that yet. One thing is sure, we will reinvest into underwater sports, either another photo contest or other type of project. Let us know if you have any idea.

Who are you?

Funny answer: Mermaids from Mako.

Serious answer: Underwater rugby players from Hungary, who care about the sport and love photography.

Why is UWH pictures not accepted in the contest, when you are called Underwater Sport Pictures?

Funny answer: Just because.

Serious answer: We apologize for this confusion. We would love to do a contest for UWH too, but we don't have time and connections to do that. If you are passionate about UWH and would like to drive it, we can talk about it.

Do you accept only underwater pictures?

Funny answer: No, you can send pictures from sauna, locker room or even from the pub you go after the practice.

Serious answer: No. We look for pictures that illustrate the sport for new people and connect our small community better. It can be taken under the water, on the surface, about the bench during competition or practice. Be creative and do good for the sport.

Who is going to be jury?

Funny answer: Haha. We don't need jury, our friends will win anyway.

Serious answer: We will finalize it during summer. We want to establish a jury of 3-4 people, who are well known in the sport and have diverse perspectives on which pictures should be selected.

How do you deal with COVID-19?

Funny answer: -

Serious answer: All of us are in different situations. Regarding the project it's pretty challenging. We hope that the pools will be open soon and we can see great pictures.

Where can I ask more questions?

Funny answer: Wasn't it enough?

Serious answer: Send us an e-mail to uwsphotos@gmail.com .